Monday, 25 February 2008

Monday...more rehearsals.

Well, Inso has basically had a day off from everything miniature related today. The only thing that he has managed to do is buy 6 more Vulkan Battle-suits and ANOTHER Viridian marine sergeant (hopefully a male one this time). He's also come clean to his long suffering wife about buying two more Tiger APCs from the US...of course she just looked at the ceiling and let him off with a tut (she's a real gem!).

The command squad is sitting, waiting for paint but tomorrow is another Panto day so they may not get to see any.

Tonight at rehearsals, was complete chaos. Cues were missed, lines forgotten and children were running riot. I think that everyone was tired out so they were a bit irritable. Inso bought a 'bald head with Einstein hair' wig today (to use while playing the Old Dance Director) and when he took a deep breath to say his lines...he drew in half the wig hair and nearly choked to death! It was funny to watch but it was a good job it was a rehearsal (as he had plenty of opportunity to get his colour back and compose himself)...hairspray will be used to prevent a recurrence.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get some photos of the pantomime when everyone is in costume. Inso looks a picture as the can't see very much of him as the Old Dance Director.

I'm sorry everything is Pantomime orientated at the moment...but that's just how it is.

Just to finish off on a high note, here is a pic of a rather cheeky sci-fi sniper from Freebooter Miniatures...enjoy:

See you tomorrow!


Mr Teufel said...

Nicely painted.

(but wtf is she supposed to be doing in that pose?! "I fart in your general direction!")

Inso said...

I reckon she's a bit of a kicker...Inso thought that it was a shame that she didn't have a proper face as the body is extremely feminine and would have looked better with a feminine face, rather than a sexless mask.