Monday, 4 February 2008

Monday again.

Well it's another Monday and another evening where Inso has been keeping up the trend of weekend sculpting.

The Trhino has ground to a halt because the thought of adding skin texture to his new beast has put the frighteners on Inso and he is taking a step back until he can summon the courage to pile on the skin and cover all those muscles. He did, however, add some more detail to the head, neck and chest with a bit of gap filling on various 'missed' areas.

Inso has also started another cavalry mount that will have two legs and will probably be a bit like an Emu (but with an alien twist maybe?).

Unfortunately, there are no pix to show off but at least there has been a bit of progress.

Other stuff...

Well done the Giants for stopping the Patriots in the NFL Superbowl! I always support the underdogs and although I never watched the game was glad that the Giants were up to the task.

The Insomnia is biting Inso at the moment so it is likey that there will be lots of basecoating, varnishing or undercoating going on as his motor skills get messed up when he looses too much sleep.

See you tomorrow!