Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sunday Cavalry

What with it being Sunday (and that means Pantomime practice), I will put up todays update early because I don't expect there to be too much more progress from Inso today. As far as progress goes, Inso has chipped away at his Trhino and has bulked it up a bit and added a little more detail. The little beast now has eyes as well so it is starting to look a little more complete:

Inso has also mentioned that he has added stirrups to the rider but won't be adding any reigns because he says that the beast would have been raised from a pup and would be trained to a level that would make reigns unnecessary.

From an idea on Friday, this sculpt has progressed at a great rate and I think that it should be finished fairly soon at this rate!

Unless any more progress turns up, I'll catch you tomorrow!


Mr Teufel said...

My only suggestion might be to deepen the ribcage so that the deepest point is level with the fore-knees, the torso narrowing to the hips. That might make it look like real mounts like horses, or other running beasts like greyhounds or big cats.

Inso said...

I have done as you've suggested and bulked up the chest area a bit and it has improved the look a bit. I'll put some pix up at some point when I've got a bit more to show off.