Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Hmmmm...no Photobucket.

It's one of those days! Inso has been busy tidying up the loose ends on the Trhino before thinking about adding skin texture. He's also started bulking up his second cavalry mount (who shall be known as Birdy). Inso has also taken photographs of said progress...but can't upload them due to Photobucket maintenance. At least the pix are ready to upload and that means Inso can charge his camera battery and have no excuse not to produce pix next time.

As part of 'Operation Cavalry' Inso has started a third, top secret mount. He's not even told me what it is yet. All he has mentioned is that the rider stands on it to ride it...the mind boggles! He's also mentioned that he's going to do all sorts of mounts, including a motorcycle of some description! We'll have to see what happens there. So much for his painting list...at this rate he'll not get anything else painted before he has to go to Iraq/Kuwait again in April.

In case anyone is interested, Inso uses a putty to make his miniatures out of and it is called Kneadatite (or Green stuff, more commonly). As a result of his flurry of sculpting, his supplies have dwindled and he has placed an order with Heresy Miniatures for some more. He's also got a few miniatures to go with it (it would be rude not to make the most of free postage over £25-00 now, wouldn't it?). Another problem with sculpting lots of cavalry is the need for lots of riders; It looks like there will be another order going in to Hasslefree Miniatures very soon!

Well, that's it for now. I hope to have pix to show off tomorrow (as long as Photobucket is back on line).

Bye now.

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