Sunday, 10 February 2008

And now for something completely different...

I got sent this pic today and it is a pic of the third Grymn cavalry mount. It is called a Gill Worm and will have a chariot styled howdah on its back for a Grymn to ride in (apparently):

As you can see, it is completely different to the other two and represents a desert dwelling, giant millipede of some description. I'd like to know what's next?...A giant slug maybe? I'm sure that it will be something different, seeing as Inso has the sculpting bit well and truly between his teeth at the moment.

There is further news on the Birdy front, with the addition of more feathers and a bit more detail to the head...but no pix I'm afraid. Maybe we'll get some later as Inso is off to pantomime rehearsals again soon.

As is always the case, comments are welcomed!

See you later.

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