Monday, 11 February 2008

Just another manic Monday!

I've been sent another two pics from Inso today. First up is an update of Birdy. It is still not finished but now has a bit more texture and a pair of forelimbs. It also has a pair of eyes...which are always helpful!

Inso tells me that the head and beak will be worked on and tidied up a bit so it isn't going to look exactly the same as it does now. There will be plenty more feathers added as well...time will tell.

Next up we have the fourth mount which has gained the name of Tusker. Bear in mind that this pic is of a sculpt in a very early stage but what it does show is the rough shape...fat, bipedal and elephantine...with tusks:

Well, with what has been shown off so far, I dread to think what will come next. I'd also like to see what the Trhino ends up like. I think it's about time Inso pulled his finger out and got it finished! I mentioned this to him and all I got in reply was 'it'll get finished when it gets finished' I guess we'll have to sit and wait.

Well, that's Monday over with...roll on tomorrow!

See you.

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