Saturday, 9 February 2008

Birdy has evolved.

After a days sculpting on the third cavalry mount, Inso has taken some advice and started to put a bit more effort into making Birdy more of a lizardy...

The question has arisen as to whether the front legs should be wings or forelimbs like a dinosaur would have. I think it should be dinosaur style forelimbs but the decision is still to be made. I'm sure that he'll make his mind up soon.

As for cavalry mount 3; I have seen it and it is nearly finished...well the 'beast' is but not the saddle or rider (the rider is still in the post). It is most certainly different to the other two but I have been sworn to secrecy so I can't say any more. All I can say is that it is tailor made for a harsh, desert lifestyle.

As well as a bit of sculpting, Inso put a bit of paint on the I was wrong there! I thought it would just sit there!

What else has happened? Well there has been a bit of action on E-bay and Inso has bid on some Void stuff; namely an APC and a squad of marines. He's also gone and ordered some Vanir from Brigade Models. Why? I have no idea! I do know, however, that what ever he orders will get used for always does. The Vanir are Dwarves from Celtos and they were sculpted by Kev White (the sculptor who makes the Grymn) so I think that a few Grymn/Vanir conversions may be forthcoming when the minis arrive.

More stuff tomorrow!


Mr Teufel said...

Huh. Vanir? It'll be interesting to see what you do with them! I googled to find some pix, and it looks like there's a lot of converting to do.

Are we going to get some bare-chested Grymn?

Inso said...

What...feral Grymn scouts, you mean?...

As for converting, I need to see what they look like in the flesh before I can say whether I can do much with them...I'm sure they will be used as something ;).