Thursday, 31 January 2008

Quiet Thursday.

Not a lot to add today. We're all a bit out of sorts and have decided to take a day off.

Here is some food for thought...cavalry mounts. Inso has been sharing a few thoughts with me:

If the Grymn were living on a desert/arid planet what sort of beasts would they ride as cavalry units? Would they even ride beasts or would they opt for bikes? Grymn are short (being space dwarves and all) so how about short legged camels? Big insects? The Tyranids that Inso has painted are enemies for the Grymn; maybe the Grymn could capture and ride Tyranid variants? What about lizards or even dinosaurs? God forbid...badgers???

If bikes, then what sort? Anti-grav bikes? Jet bikes? Dirt bikes? What about a bike styled like Akira's?

The cavalry would have to fit in with the Imperial Guard Codex, so Rough-Riders or Sentinels would be the obvious choices for them to fit into.

So many questions...

See you tomorrow.


Mr Teufel said...

Inso's been stuffing with the blog's colour scheme - those reds are too dark against the black!

Maybe Nanny should have a blog too?

If Kev ever sculpts those treaded bikes, I think they're not unreasonable desert vehicles for SF.

Inso said...

I'd love for Kev to make the treaded bikes...I'd buy a platoon of them in a flash. Mind you, I'd rather he finished his Grav-bikes first (Apocalypse Now anyone?).

Yes I've been messing with the colours. It's a continuously changing process so they will change again...and again...:).

The colour change worked because it invoked comment (who said psychology didn't have its place in society? ;) ).