Saturday, 2 February 2008

Whatever happened to Friday?

Friday came and went, didn't it? I sort of missed the day's post out didn't I? Well it hasn't happened today. A bit later I will have something to post that will be a little different. Inso has been pacing around like a caged animal and has finally said 'damn it!' and has started to sculpt a new cavalry beast for his Grymn.

It was a trip to the local game shop that convinced him to start his own sculpt. He bought a box of Riders of Rohan; Lord of the Ring miniatures from Games Workshop, to see how big the horses were and discovered that, even though they are in a slightly smaller scale, they are still too big for Grymn.

He has told me that this will only be a trial run as he has used a spare minitaure for the rider that he wouldn't necessarily have used if he had a choice.

The beast itself is going to be a mix of boar, camel and possibly tapir with a hint of added bony plates...apparently. Hopefully, there will be a pic by the end of the day, even if the sculpt isn't finished.

Well if the above information doesn't confirm that an artistic mind never rests, then I don't know what does. So far in the blog, we have gone from painting Zombies to Grymn to Tyranids and now on to sculpting alien riding beasts. Life with Inso is never boring!

Catch you later for another post!

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