Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Today there are no pix from Inso because he is learning lines for his role in the pantomime (oh no he isn't...oh yes he is...). It is quite funny to see him struggling with trying to sing a song whilst holding the words and trying to do the dance his living room! Oh if only he'd let me take some pix of that!

So tonight I'll continue with his Grymn army and start off with a few pix of the first mechanised infantry platoon:


First Squad:

Second Squad:

As I have already mentioned, each of the squads in his army will have an A.P.C. to travel in. In order to field a playable army there needs to be at least one HQ unit and two Troop units. You have seen the HQ and a couple of attendant squads and above is the first of the troop choices. Inso is in the process of painting a second infantry platoon at the moment (along with other things...) and has finished the first squad but has the second squad and command to go.

If you hadn't noticed, so far there have been seven squads pictured and that doesn't include the next platoon...that's an awful lot of A.P.C.s. Here is a list of what Inso has Planned:

Command HQ Squad + A.P.C.
Sniper Squad + A.P.C.
Flamer Squad + A.P.C.
Missile launcher Squad + A.P.C.
Storm trooper Squad + A.P.C. (these are an Elite Choice)
Infantry platoon + 3 A.P.C.s.
Infantry Platoon + 3 A.P.C.s.
Engineer Squad + Samson Engineer Tank (A.P.C.). (will probably be another Storm trooper squad)
Medic Squad + A.P.C. (will probably be an additional squad for one of the platoons).
Gladius Tank x3 (each is a heavy support choice)
Glaive Flame Tank x3 (each is a fast attack choice)

That makes a total of twelve A.P.C.s, one Engineer Tank, three Gladius Tanks and three Glaive Flame Tanks...not a small amount of work. Fortunately, the majority of the troops are painted so it isn't an insurmountable goal for Inso to complete.

Well, that's it again for tonight. No doubt there will be something tomorrow.

Engineer Thinking:
An optimist sees the glass as half full.
A pessimist sees the glass as half empty.
An engineer sees the glass as twice as big as it needs to be.

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