Tuesday, 29 January 2008

More Grymn army stuff.

As expected, there wasn't a lot forthcoming from the painting table of Inso today so I thought I'd continue with some more information on his Grymn mechanised infantry.

So far we know the doctrines and that the Grymn use the 'counts as' rule for a lot of their weapons. I thought that I'd say what a few of the weapons are and give you an idea of what he has planned for vehicles.

First of all, the basic Grymn (light infantry) are armed with SMGs. Imperial Guard are armed with lasguns but fortunately they have exactly the same stats as an autogun which suits the SMG quite well. When it comes to other weapons there is the Grymn pulsegun which Inso uses as a hellgun (that way he can use heavy infantry as Stormtroopers without having to convert the minis too much), the Grymn railgun, which he uses as a missile launcher (due to its shape and the fact it is shoulder fired) and there are the assault pistols which he uses as laspistols. Inso has converted weapons to act as meltaguns and has also bent the rules a bit so that he can use the Grymn minigun as an assault cannon (not normally an option with Imperial Guard). As luck would have it, the Grymn use flamers and have snipers which don't need to be 'counts as' at all. Apart from that, there are a few other weapons that the Grymn use that Inso doesn't use in the list as he feels that he has enough with what he already has.

Moving on from weapons, there are the vehicles. The Imperial Guard uses Chimera A.P.C.s, Leman russ tanks and Hellhound flamethrower tanks (based on the Chimera A.P.C.). They also use Sentinel scout walkers and Baneblade 'super-heavy' tanks. Inso has chosen not to use Games Workshop models and has opted to use Old Crow Production vehicles. He has done this because the size matches the Grymn very well and they are very nice tanks as well! The ones he will be using are the Glaive A.P.C. (to sub for a Chimera), the Gladius medium battle tank (to sub for a Leman Russ) and the Samson engineer vehicle (which will sub for a Chimera for his engineer unit). He has thought about using some wheeled scout units and even an artillary tank but those aren't featuring just yet. Inso has also got plans to convert a few Glaives into Hellhounds as well.

In Inso's galleries there is a pic of the tanks he'll be using (and an example of one of the wheeled scout vehicles):

and this pic gives you an idea of the scale:

I'll talk a bit more about the army tomorrow as I think I've covered quite enough tonight. Catch you then!

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