Monday, 28 January 2008

Mindless Monday...

...Only because another Drusch Zombie pic has appeared! Out of the blue, Inso sent this (rather poor ;) ) montage of his latest Drusch miniature, a Stryker:

It is a mild surprise because I didn't know that he had got as far as he has with it. Well, you learn something everyday! This one is number four in the Drusch Slaver band so there are only five more to go. Lets hope the next one arrives soon.

To change the subject; let's talk about Grymn.

I said yesterday that I was going to give you a little more info on the Grymn army that Inso is working on. Well, here it is.

The army is a mechanised infantry detachment that will be completely carried in Armoured Personnel Carriers (A.P.C.s) and supported by a small amount of tanks and engineer vehicles.
The Army is using Codex Imperial Guard (from Games Workshop) and is using the doctrine system in the back of the book. Currently the doctrines are:
1 - Mechanised.
2 - Special Equipment: Carapace Armour.
3 - Special Weapon Squads.
4 - Stormtroopers.
That leaves one more to play with, should Inso need to.

As the Grymn are armed slightly differently to the list, they are using the 'counts as' rule quite a lot but it doesn't mean that they don't fit the list...they fit it reasonably well.

Currently, Inso has bought five A.P.C.s but has not assembled them yet. They are, however, bought from Old Crow Productions and are called Glaives. There are a number of different locomotion methods but Inso has gone for tracked vehicles as he thought that they suited the Grymn better that way.

He also mentioned that while he was serving in Iraq, the sight of armoured columns entering and leaving the base was truly inspiring, hence his choice to mechanise his Grymn.

Well, that's enough for tonight.

There will be more tomorrow!

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