Sunday, 28 April 2019

More of the same.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

It has been two weeks of pretty much the same old stuff... lots of work, a few bumps in the road and a little bit of hobby... so here we go.

I have been enjoying work and had some really good shifts where there were no agency staff so the continuity meant that the shifts went without any bother and were really stable. The clients were happy because they knew us and we were happy because they were. I am certainly not saying anything against agency staff because they are a key part of our home running efficiently and they work as hard as us... but some of them don't work with us very often and aren't as familiar to our clients and it can cause them (clients) a little confusion.

So... work has been good...


One of our clients passed away and has left a big hole behind them. They were absolutely awesome, genuine and always appreciative of the care they received and will be sorely missed. There were more than a few tears... but they went peacefully and had family around them so it was a good way to go. Safe travels to them.

Life has been pretty straight up. Pottering along, as I do.

Hobby has been a bit hit and miss... but I have found time to continue with my Epic Squat army:

Click the Pix!

From the top, we have the second thudd-gun section for Blue Company, then -  Orange Company, Blue platoon command squad, 2 infantry squads and heavy weapon squad. I have also cleaned up a second infantry platoon, with a third one cleaned and primed ready to go. In the meantime, I have the third and final thudd-gun section for Blue Company, on the painting table, getting painted.

I have also received my order from Vanguard Miniatures so have a few vehicles to add (once the troops are finished). Here's an idea of how big they are:

Click the Pic!

In other related news, I have been trying to decide what to go with this little army , as heavy support and will be building a Titan and possibly, a large, train-like land vehicle... but it's very early days yet.

Three weeks until Alfie arrives.

See you from the fluffy place!


T.L.Blade said...

I have to say, your work is just pure awesomeness. Hat's of to you sir! I have to ask, since I just recently found out about you, is there a way how to buy your Dwarf Berserker?

Inso said...


The Berserker was sold to a friend of mine who casts him up for sale. I have checked his EBay store but I can't find him in there... Here's his EBay details:

(Copy and paste into your search browser). If you drop him a message, he may cast you one up if he hasn't got any spare.

T.L.Blade said...

I've found out about him shortly after I wrote that comment. They are out of stock, but they will be in stock shortly. But thank you anyway. Keep up the great work!

Inso said...

Cheers :) . Glad you got the info you needed.