Sunday, 7 April 2019

Epic post

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

It's been a fairly interesting couple of weeks, since I last posted, but mostly unrelated to hobby things.

I have donated blood, worked a lot, got poorly, had a week off (holiday at home), travelled around Cornwall on my motorbike, got depressed and was very glad to be out of my own company and back at work again. I also counted charity money, did the annual accounts (for our committee) and even had a time where I sat and watched TV.

My wife and I managed to see Captain Marvel at the local cinema and enjoyed it. I thought it was a bit 'impersonal' and I felt that I couldn't connect with the main character very well. Hopefully, that will change in the upcoming Avengers 'Endgame' film.

Hobby wise, I have started things but not got very far with them. I managed to finish the two Big Squats though...

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They have now been primed and are ready to be painted along with the other three that need paint. In addition to the two above, I have started three more. They are equipped with close combat weapons and las-pistols and just need the quilting and heads to be sculpted. I am planning on making these look a bit more berserk (close combat orientated) with Mohawks and bright hair colour... but they stalled and I started the next partial thing...

... Hearthguard leg casts. I have cast up seven sets of legs (two spares) and have allowed them time to dry but I haven't cleaned and prepared them for fitting to the torsos yet. Why? Well, I got distracted again with...

... Squat super heroes that could be used to proxy Primarchs, Tanks or large creatures. That was the idea... and with that in mind, I started to sculpt a super Squat... but stalled... and he is now stood on the cork, glaring at me and trying to guilt me into finishing him... so I then got distracted and decided it was high time I did this:

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This week, I decided to put a rubbish bid on a complete set of Epic Squat Warriors... and I won! Yep... I'm now the proud owner of five mint sprues of Squat Warriors and have begun the task of deciding what to do with them.

As it happens, I have decided to just build an army and not base it on anything Epic because I don't game. They will be organised and based how I feel, rather than in line with any rules and that means two things... 1) I can design things how I want them to look 2) I can add what I want, from any other ranges that I like.

With five sprues in hand, I set about arranging an army and this is what I have come up with:

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There are spare bits and bobs (I haven't even included the mole mortars because they look dire) but I am happy with what I have come up with. Once I have painted and based this lot, I will be purchasing some transport for them. I am hoping to get some nice APC miniatures from a relatively local source (Plymouth) but I'm not going to talk about them too much, for fear of getting distracted again.

That's it for the hobby this time around. I have no idea what this coming week will bring but I expect it will be fairly lack-lustre, if my current fickleheadedness has anything to do with it.

See you from the peak!

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