Sunday, 3 March 2019

The Colonel.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

I've had a bit of a day (work and a sleep on the sofa) so this post is a bit late and has taken me ages to write because of all the corrections...

So. This week has mostly been about work, a few chores and a bit of hobby.

My wife has finally got to a point where she is well enough to go to work and go out and about, as long as she takes it steady... so we have been shopping and out for a meal as well as having an evening at the pub so things are starting to get back to normal after her little illness (7 weeks isn't little...).

Work has been good. I had my probation interview and they are keeping me on... so that is good news.

Hobby wise, it has been a mixed week. I finished a sculpt but quickly flat-lined afterwards so no other sculpting got done (a mix of tiredness and the dread of sculpting in little batches were the issues)... but I did finish a sculpt so there was a positive aspect to the week's hobby. The sculpt in question is my Squat version of the Catachan hero 'Colonel Iron-Hand Straken':

Click the Pic!

I read through the official background for him and took certain aspects as inspiration. I decided to give him a Berserker's Mohawk because his character is a bit of an anarchist and I thought a Mohawk would show this. I didn't go too mad with bionics apart from his arm because I felt that his flak armour could be covering all sorts of cybernetic gubbins and I didn't feel it was necessary to go overboard on the bits you can see. 

On to other sculpting and I will be converting the shotgun vets individually to try and keep the motivation going... and I will be starting with the lasgunners rather than the special troopers.

In other hobby news, I have pre-ordered a bunch of these:

Click the Pic!

They are Ambots from Games Workshop and I plan to use them as Space Marine Centurions... or (in my army) Hearthguard Assault frames... so I may have pre-ordered three boxes of two. I will need to convert them but I will have to wait until they arrive before I set my ideas in stone... but the weapons they come with, match the Centurion weapon load-out very well. I can't wait to get hold of them.

That's it... I'm off.

See you from the trawler!

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Zzzzzz said...

His has to be orange, Like an olde skoole troll hunter.