Sunday, 1 July 2018

Another tank-based update.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's world on a day that started out wet but has now turned into a glorious, sunny, Cornish day.

A special welcome to a new follower as well. It's been a while since that happened so I hope you enjoy your stay Deinonychus. Please feel free to get involved and leave comments.

This week saw a momentous event... my daughter had her 21st birthday. As has become our tradition, tattoos were involved but this time (due to blood donation timing) I didn't join her getting inked. That said, she got a few old tattoos recoloured and a nice little Totoro tattoo on her forearm. Here are the re-coloured Soot Sprites:

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... and this is the little Totoro tattoo:

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This little Daddy/Daughter moment was followed by a BBQ (arranged by my daughter and her friends/flat-mates) with friends and an evening in the Rodney Inn, with a live band (Bache - one of our favourites and kindly put on by the landlord for my daughter's birthday). It was a great day and it was well celebrated. It was also a day that marked the full adulthood of both our children... so we can now say that it's 'job done'.

Football has been quite frequent... but I can take it or leave it... and we saw another live band last night so we have all been enjoying the lovely weather immensely. I have even managed to put a few miles on the bike and will be arranging the first service this coming week and getting the fron fairing fitted (ABOUT... TIME!).

Hobby-wise, I have been continuing with the tank company and have now finished the Plasma-Tank platoon (apart from decals):

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I am not sure whether the painting process feminised the tank commander very much but I am happy with the way the platoon and tank commander have turned out. With these finished (and now up on the shelf), I turned my attention towards the next platoon; one with Battle-Cannons. With the weather being so warm, I was worried to get too much painting or sculpting done; due to the humidity so I got to assembling and gap filling. In addition to the Battle-Cannon platoon, I assembled and prepared the Company Command Tank (with Vanquisher-Cannon). Here's where things sat yesterday:

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Since then, I have sprayed the second tank and am in the process of getting it to the same state as the first one. At the moment, I am waiting for paint to dry before washing the grey parts with Nuln Oil. Once that is done, I can assemble the tank up to the required level before a green re-touch and then washing the tank in Agrax Earthshade. It is looking like I will soon be at a point to think about applying decals to a complete tank company... but the fly in the ointment will be the two tank commanders.

Speaking of tank commanders, I reckon I have an idea for the platoon commander but not for the company commander. You may have noticed that the last two commanders have been fairly 'non-combatant' and I want to keep it that way (there will be no hitting the enemy with Chain-Swords from these tanks). I will have the platoon commander scratching their head whilst looking at a map. I haven't decided whether it should be male or female yet (both could be seen as stereotypical so no matter which I do, someone will moan) but I am probably going to make it a male. That would mean that the company commander will be female... and that means I have to try a bit harder to make her obviously female (facially) and suitably imposing enough to be a company commander.

Still lots to think about.

Well... that's it for today.

See you from the coffee shop!

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