Sunday, 13 May 2018

What a week!

Hello and welcome to Inso's world, after what has been a very eventful week.

To cut to the chase, Hobby time hasn't really been the main focus of my week because I have had family visiting and have been enjoying having them around.

Hobby wise, the Necromunda Squat arrived:

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As you can see from my image, he is big... he's even bigger than a Kharadron. Although I am not too bothered about his height, his tiny hands and pin-head bother me... so I will be sorting those problems out. I have started on the head:

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As you can see, the head has mostly gone but I will be using what's left and blending it in with a larger head (wearing a beret). The hands won't be a problem and I will be able to sort those out with a bit of green stuff. Am I disappointed? No. I knew what to expect and I never had any specific spot to place the miniature but I reckon that after a bit of tinkering, he'll fit in with my 'Big Squats' and they'll all become a bit of a Necromunda gang.

In other hobby news, I have started on tank number three and it is currently at this point:

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As you can see, basic conversion is finished but I need to sculpt a tank commander on the piece of sprue that is sticking out of the cupola. I will be able to get a certain amount of painting and assembly done in the meantime but it won't be too much until I knuckle down and get the commander finished.

With this tank being firmly WIP now, I have ordered the next section of three tanks and they should be arriving this coming week.

As for other hobby news... I'll be saving that for next week.

Life news now... and this week has been filled with it. I have got a head cold and have had a bit of insomnia but on the whole, life is good. My mother and father in-law have been visiting this week and my wife has had some time off work so we have spent a lot of time together. Meals out, trips to places and the odd cuppa here and there has meant for a very nice, sociable, week. Flora Day was this week and the Furry Dance hit the town. I was mostly solo for the day and spent it doing what any sane man would do... I went to my local pub and stayed there all day... only venturing out to watch the dances. On the day, there are adult dances at 07:00hrs, 12:00hrs and 17:00hrs, with a children's dance at 10:00hrs and the Hal-An-Tow starting at 08:30hrs... so there is plenty of time in between, to enjoy a drink or two. Here's the difference between the 07:00hrs dance and the 17:00hrs dance. First, the 07:00hrs dance:

... and here's the 17:00hrs dance (with the same people in it):

As you can see, the day's merriment has hit home by the evening dance.

With Flora day, a meal out on Friday evening and a live band on Saturday evening at my local, this week has been a properly social affair and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting many people (including one who I hadn't seen for a good 15 years!) and getting to know some new faces.

Prior to Flora Day I came to the conclusion that I needed to kick-start my life again. I have been getting a bit down in the dumps and have let things slide too much... so the first thing that has to go is booze. As a result, I am teetotal until the evening before Flora Day 2019 (yes, that's a year). In addition to this, I am returning to my usual healthy diet and am beginning to get a bit more exercise in. I am hoping that these three things will invigorate me a little and get me back to my usual jovial and productive self. Only time will tell on that one but if nothing else, I will lose some weight and hopefully feel a bit healthier in body.

It should also mean that once I start increasing my exercise, I will be able to focus on my charity run again... something that has fallen by the wayside a bit and has been playing on my mind.

That's it for now.

See you from the epiphany tree!

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