Sunday, 14 January 2018

A stirring in the warp...

Hello again.

It's been another week of things going on and passing by.

I managed to get a few miles in on my motor bike and popped over to Marazion for a spin:

Click the Pic!

Only another 480 miles before it gets its first service and the little fairing fitted above the clocks. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to potter out again this week.

Yesterday was spent driving to Aylesbury for a family visit... followed by a drive back and today has been mostly spent in the pub. I haven't had a drink because I am going dry for January and am donating my pint-money to Enzo... read about it/donate here:

My son is also doing the same thing so hopefully, the money will flow in.

From a hobby perspective, I have finished sculpting my Squat version of Sly Marbo:

Click the Pic!

I have also been drawn into an idea that I heard on a forum I visit, that involves a specialist air support unit... so I have ordered one of THESE to convert into a Valkyrie. I have also started to convert a Sgt Harker to join Marbo in my Catachan force. Sgt Harker is getting a shoulder carried heavy-bolter and... a teacup...

In amongst that, I have also been sculpting a Frogulon... who will get a decent pic once he is finished. He's getting there so it won't be too long.

This coming week, I expect things to tick along... but it'll be a bit different because it's my birthday tomorrow so I also expect stuff to go on.

Life's like that.

See you from the gate!


ADB said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow !

demi_morgana said...

Ace bike!

And yeah, happy b-day and all the best in the brand new 2018 :)

Zzzzzz said...

Stuntie Harker with a tea cup ? Lookin' forward to that.

mattblackgod said...

Nice ride.

Happy birthday.

Simon Quinton said...

Belated birthday greetings for yesterday. Sly Marbo looks cracking!

Inso said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Harker is on a go slow... I've had a distraction turn up... it will be shown off on Sunday :)

Glad you like Marbo :)