Sunday, 6 August 2017

The traveller returns...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been one of tiredness but full of progress as well.

I have started a small local community project that I am not going to expand upon but takes up a little time so that has been something that has to be accounted for. I also travelled up to Oxfordshire to collect my daughter because she has moved down to Cornwall and will be staying with us until she can find a place of her own. Obviously, we have been spending time together and going out doing stuff so I have been kept pretty busy.

This week has also seen my wife's 50th birthday so I have made sure that she was spoiled and looked after. She puts up with me so she deserves a bit of a pamper every now and again.

My father is in good spirits and has had his briefing with his cancer team about chemotherapy. I will be taking him for his first batch this coming week. The rest of the week will depend on how he responds to treatment with regards to side effects. Hopefully, it will go perfectly and there are very limited side effects but only time will tell there. One thing that will help is that I decided to buy a lightweight wheelchair for him so that he can take a breather and let me take the strain a bit. I made sure it was one with smaller wheels so that he doesn't feel like he has to help... he'll have no option but to sit and be chauffeur driven.

Hobby time has been fairly limited this week; mostly due to time but also tiredness. That said, I have finished painting the first set of Halfling snipers:

Click the Pic!

To explain the colours I have used, the bases contrast with the camouflage so that the miniatures stand out. I understand that this isn't the idea behind camouflage, however, when you are hoping to sell things, people need to be able to see what they are buying so it makes perfect sense from a commercial perspective. I may add some tufts at some point but I think this current standard shows off the little troops quite nicely.

The Emporium... In a bid to actually get these Halfling snipers up for sale, I have been sorting out the mundane things and have so far got plastic bases for them, boxes to send them out in, bubble-wrap to keep them safe and am currently waiting for some labels to arrive. I have also ordered a light box so that I can (hopefully) take some nice pictures of my products (the light in my house is awkward at best). Once everything comes together, I will be in a position to start selling... fingers crossed.

That is about it for now.

See you from Jamaica!


Zzzzzz said...

good news (so far) about your dad.

Snipers look good.

Simon Quinton said...

Best of luck for you dads Chemo.

Snipers look cracking lovely work so far.