Sunday, 9 April 2017

Platoon progress.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week I am going to keep things short and sweet, not mention all the great places I've been to and just stick to the hobby stuff.

My hobby activity this week has been reserved for getting a whole platoon of troops up to the same standard. That means:

  1. Initial assembly.
  2. Adding neckerchiefs.
  3. Adding beards.
  4. Adding moustaches.
  5. Shortening lasguns.
  6. Gluing in wire for the arm sculpting.
  7. Attaching any backpacks/comms packs.
  8. Attaching weapons and any plastic arms that are required.
As a result of my efforts, the third platoon of my Squat army now looks like this:

Click the Pic!

So, looking at the image above, you will see the command squad at the front (from the left: Lieutenant, Comms, Medic, Meltagunner, Grenadier), The first squad behind (with Sgt, Comms and Meltagunner) and at the back, the second squad (also with Sgt, Comms and Meltagunner).

This platoon is an assault platoon so I thought it wise to leave heavy weapons out of the equation. In order to counter this, I will be adding 3 special weapon squads and a unit of Rough Riders for support. I have not decided how to arm the special units yet but I will be keeping the rough riders as standard (lances, pistols and close combat weapons). I think that this platoon will be the one that gets the Berserkers for a bit of extra punch (as a result, I may end up adding a third infantry squad later on... but it all depends).

The next step is to bend and trim the wire into shape and start sculpting arms. There are other little details that need work but I will tackle them as I go along.

Now the sculpting begins in earnest!

See you from the workbench!


Unknown said...

They are looking good. You are managing to get a good amount of variation with the different beards from what is only 3 different bodies and 1 head.

Did you ever cast up the other bodies you sculpted to add more variety to these squads?

Inso said...

It is amazing, the variety that can be achieved with a different beard and how a head is positioned on a body. I try to vary things as much as possible but there is only so far you can go (without going mad with converting) when you have such a limited supply of donor components.

The other bodies were a commission for someone in the US... unfortunately, they are a private project and won't see the light of day on the open market... Sorry.

Unknown said...

Yes it would be so nice if the scale creep over the last 20 years hadn't happened. Current GW dwarf heads are tiny and the bodies so tall. I have found Mantic fantasy bald dwarf heads while a tiny bit bigger work ok for adding a bit of variety.

I did take the conversion route for bodies but used the 1992 fantasy dwarves as a base as they are far more common and cheap to buy on ebay. That said everyone ends up with an armored coat (or rags with my Genestealer Squat Hybrid bodies) look as they all had kilts.

Inso said...

I could have Dremelled out a couple of helmets and re-sculpted the faces... then press moulded them but, to be honest, I couldn't be bothered. I am trying to keep all of the basic troops helmeted so I don't really have many options.

But not many more to go before I can stop worrying about helmets :)