Sunday, 8 January 2017

A new venture.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been all about family because both our children came to visit us for a few days and my in-laws have visited as well. That means that I have been enjoying going out, socialising and doing family things.

That said, I have also been carrying a bit of a cold and also not sleeping very well at all so when I haven't been with family, I have been proper lazy.

Here's a nice picture of my family visitors (my wife is there as well... she sort of visits all the time... because she lives with me...):

Click the Pic!

That has mostly been my week. However, things are stirring in the aether...

... I have sent the newly sculpted Terminator legs for casting:

Click the Pic!

The legs were sent off on Saturday and I will be getting 50 copies at some point in the future. Once they arrive I will share more information but restassured, if they are as good as I expect them to be, there will be some up for sale to those of you who would like the opportunity to convert some of your terminators into Squats in exo armour.

I have been torturing myself over Squat transports again. I even bought a tank kit to convert but it turned out to be too big. Grrrrr... I know what I want to achieve but I am having a nightmare finding the right path to getting there. I think that it will be something that will bother me for a while yet.

With thoughts on my Squat army, I have been sorting through the plastic bits I have and it looks like I have plenty for all of my army needs... in fact MORE than enough for my army needs so I may be putting some stuff up for sale at some point (but not until I have completed my infantry).

Finally, I have started to get the wood together to begin work on my storage area. That means that soon I will be focusing on getting that done so I can unpack some of my hobby boxes again. I still need to build a work station... but it will be nice to clear some more cardboard boxes from the spare room.

This coming week, I am travelling up to my old RAF unit for a leaving function so I have speeches to prepare and journeys to take. On Sunday next week, I will not only have my birthday but it marks the very last day of my RAF career. I may well become very drunk on that day... I have been saving a vintage bottle of port for the occasion and plan to throw away the cork. Next week's blog post may be interesting for all the wrong reasons.

I reckon that about does it for this week.

See you from the motorway!

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