Sunday, 25 September 2016

What's wrong with Orks?

Hello again... it's Sunday so here's another post.

I have had a long standing issue with Orks. Not only are they completely disorganised, they have no uniformity, use ramshackle equipment that 'just works' as if by magic and they are completely beyond any form of rational control... so completely against everything else I collect.

Then of course, there are the miniatures.

Now the miniatures from GW are full of character but there is a real problem with one part of their anatomy... their butts. Now, it's not just their butts, it's how they attach to the spine. I reckon that the entire race could be wiped out just by throwing a ball above them and asking them to catch it... the sounds of spines snapping would be heard for miles around.

So... how do you deal with such an obvious flaw? You fill in the gap... here's what I mean:

Click the Pic!

As is usually the case, I got the Green Stuff out and made the flaw go away. As a result, I decided to try it on a few other Orks I had in boxes and this is what I have come up with so far:

Click the Pic!

I reckon I still need to add a few bits and bobs but they have all had the back treatment and look better as a result. I have a few more that are on sprues or in storage boxes so there are likely to be a few more... but not many.

You may also have noticed the boss in the middle and his lack of green skin. That's because I don't like the whole green-skin thing. I don't enjoy painting it so I have decided to take a more human approach to skin tones. 

I haven't built these with any goal in mind, they are just something to keep me entertained while I am not sleeping very well... if I mess them up, they aren't part of a big project so I don't have to worry about them. It is also means that I can get on with something while I am in the throes of getting the moving prep done... which is helping to keep me marginally sane.

So... there you have it.

See you from the line!


Asslessman said...

How I agree with you !

mattblackgod said...

I like more human skin tones on my Orks. Good work on fixing the backs. Now I will see it on all my Orks and have to go back and fix them! lol

Inso said...

The 'twerking' pose of the modern plastics and the fact that I don't like painting green skin are the major players in me not ever finishing any orks... but maybe that will change now?

... and I'm sorry for pointing it out :(