Sunday, 18 September 2016

It's Grymn out there.

Hello again.

This week has been a a complete write off due to a complete lack of sleep so there won't be any hobby content today because there hasn't been any hobby going on at home for me.

So... when I am tired I plonk down at the computer and browse the interweb and this week a few Hasslefree related things happened.

First, is the Kickstarter.

Lots of fantasy stuff and different versions of a number of miniatures which basically equates to nude, glamour and toasty warm. Not my genre and not my taste but I thought I'd share anyway.

The thing is that, in a conversation on Facebook, it would appear that Kev has decided that he needed a 'pallette cleanser' to work on during the Kickstarter so will be trying to get these Grymn finished (or some very much like them):

Click the Pic!

Add to this news that he also mentioned that he was thinking of replacing all of the existing Grymn armour with something similar it could be the start of something great...

... assuming Kev can keep the momentum going on this idea. Only time will tell (you all know the fickle nature of muses... I've told you about it enough).

He also mentioned that he may have a way of getting the alternative Walker arms sorted out and put into production (they will have hands and weapons rather than just weapons); which will be great news for my Walker platoon that has been sat, unassembled in a box for a few years waiting for these new arms to appear.

So what better way to fire up my enthusiasm for the little chaps again? I have so many Grymn projects on the go that I could be here all day posting pictures so instead, heres just a few of the bare metal miniatures I have (mostly allocated to my New Model Army):

Click the Pix!

Unfortunately, with things being so up in the air at the moment, I can't really start too much because of the imminent move... but I can let my mind wander and see what it comes up with.

That's about it for now.

See you from the Grymn homeworlds!


Euan said...

Holy hootin' heck! Those new Grymm look amazing. Kev's minis are so cool.

Inso said...

Aye they really do :)

I have been waiting for ages for them so hopefully, they will see some work soon :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

No kidding! That WIP pic of the Grymn has always struck me as a bit of a tease...

Inso said...

Kev had progressed them a bit last Christmas... but when he returned home, he found that they had been damaged during transit and he lost his mojo with them... hopefully, he can crack on with them and get them finished this time.