Sunday, 15 May 2016

The wait is finally over.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World on this gloriously sunny Sunday.

This week has been one of those weeks where all sorts has happened so I'll kick off with some family stuff and then move on to hobby stuff.

So... 'the wait is finally over'... what does that mean? Well, on Friday I went to my son's graduation ceremony accompanied by my wife and his girlfriend. He has now completed his training to join the Royal Air Force and is now a fully qualified Leading Aircraftsman in the ranks. He has moved his kit to his first base and will start work proper on Monday. Of course I am extremely proud... so here is a pic:

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That was my son accepting his graduation certificate and this is him with his dad (with his very first rank slides):

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It is just so AWESOME to have him take this step, I cannot begin to say how happy I am.

In other news, I have been struggling this just got on top of me and I have just struggled with it. I think the enormity of everything (lack of sleep... LIFE) has caught up with me and I just needed to explode. Fortunately, it happened and a few bits and bobs got sorted but at the moment my focus is completely shot. As a result, I may have done a few random things this week... the first being, that I finally broke and pre-ordered something I have wanted for ages:

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These are from Mantic Games and I have pre-ordered two sets that should arrive at the end of May. I have been looking forward to the miniatures at the top, ever since I first saw them as part of Mantic's Deadzone Kickstarter. My plan is to have four squads of five troops that will act as Space Marine Scouts in my Squat army. The twelve Exos will end up as a ten man Terminator squad (with two spare) to go with my others. The orange dudes will join the others I have and will wait for ideas as to what to do with them. This little purchase will tidy up the Space Marine part of the Squat army nicely.

Speaking of my Squat army, I have done a very small amount of sculpting on my latest Primaris Beastman:

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As you can see, he is at a very early stage but he has been started so that's a good thing. 

Last night was Eurovision and while my skin was crawling off me I decided to start a miniature for a friend of mine. I thought it came with a scenic base but it didn't so I sculpted one and have just finished all the assembly, ready for a bit of filling. Here is Death:

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It's not my usual fare... but sometimes a bit of diversity recharges the batteries and that is something I really need at the moment.

Unfortunately, I haven't touched the running Squat but that is because I am being taunted by his feet. Feet are my big hate when it comes to sculpting and I am struggling with them on this miniature. Hopefully, when I get back on track in the game of life, I can shake off this issue and get back to sculpting him again... it's always the bloody feet!!!!

Well... that's that. Have a good week and keep hobbying.

See you from the sofa!


Stephen said...

Many congrats to Inso (both major and minor)!

Inso said...

Cheers :D

Phil Curran said...

Well done to you both.