Sunday, 3 January 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Happy New Year and welcome to Inso's world for the first post of the year.

I guess that, with every new year, there come resolutions and plans that people want to follow through. Well, I have plans that I HAVE to follow through this year and they include:
  • Thinning down the hobby stuff
  • Saving money as much as possible
  • Planning for a big move at the end of the year
  • Prepare my CV and get some courses/work experience in
  • Move to a different county
  • Prepare to be a civilian (after 28 years of being military)
  • Sort all the niggles of the house out, ready for moving out
This is the last full year I have in the military and come January next year, I will be a civilian. It is a big change but I am looking forward to it... 28 years is a long time.

In addition to the stuff I HAVE to do, here's what I would like to do:
  • Properly sort through my collection and get storage for what I want to keep
  • Spend less time on the hobby and more time on getting things done
  • Get myself a dog (at the end of the year)
  • Sort out all my little medical/dental issues while I still have the support of the military
  • Get myself back to my regular level of fitness (I have let my standards drop since the Falklands)
  • The most important thing... be happier this year (another thing I let slip since the Falklands)
So... there you have it. No resolutions, just things I have to do and a few things I'd like to... but if I don't get everything done... that's life.

Now the boring stuff is out of the way, I thought I'd chare a couple of images of the Sharclon transport. Here's a 'before primer' pic:

Click the Pic!

... and here's one after a unifying coat of primer has been added:

Click the Pic!

I have started painting the transport but am not very far along yet. It is going to be gun-metal with glowy bits. I am also thinking of using Tau decals on it... but that may change.

That's it for now. I hope you have all had a great Christmas and wish you well for all of 2016.

See you from the branches of the singing, ringing, tree!


John Bear Ross said...

Looks great!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Necron decals might work well as an alternative.

Inso said...

Cheers :)

Necron decals? Hmmm... there's something I hadn't thought of... I'll have a look once it's painted and see whether it works (it has to work with the troops too). Nice suggestion.