Sunday, 11 October 2015

Preparation and progress...

Today's post doesn't really have very much hobby stuff in it but what there is, I'll talk about now.

I have been shopping on EBay and have managed to get hold of another VOTOMs kit, this time a Scopedog with Round Mover (that's just a fancy term for a jetpack):

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The box is in a poor condition but the kit/contents are all perfectly fine. This was a strange one because I was convinced that I had a basic Scopedog already but I had all customs... so it was a case of buying it to make up the numbers. I have also got a Snapping Turtle on the way from Japan so I will have some 'swimming' feet for my project (you'll find out what I mean when I post pix of the kit). 

From a Squat perspective, I have started the command squad but haven't got very far:

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As you can see, I have got the basic plastics glued together, wire in place for their arms and four of them have had their neckercheifs sculpted on. I have trimmed down a few of the beards and have removed the face of the leader. I have also found an old Eldar powerfist to act as the basis for the leader's powerfist. This coming week, I hope to work on these a bit. Part of the delay on these has been deciding what to kit them out with but now I have done that, I can get on with them.

So... the big news is that most of the delays have been caused because we, as a family, have been preparing to send our son off to basic training. Yes, he has followed in his father's footsteps and is off to start his Royal Air Force career this coming week. We have been busy getting kit sorted out and dealing with all the issues that arise as a result of one of your children joining the world at large; and especially a military environment.

We are very proud of him... and there will be strange days ahead.

As a result of a little bit of chaos in our lives, I will not be putting anything up on EBay this week but there is still time to bid on last week's stuff here:

Hopefully, the dust will soon settle and we will be back to normal service very soon... both on the 'life' front and the hobby front.

See you from the platform as I wave you off!

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