Sunday, 1 March 2015

Little Milestones.

Welcome to Inso’s World again and this week has seen a few little milestones that I would like to share.

First up, I have now been on the island for more than two months and that means that I am over half way. As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, I have been on call for the week but I handed over my pager on Friday so I was able to go out on Friday night and enjoy an evening of Karaoke and a few pints in Timmy’s bar (the bar I am currently manager of). I had a great evening and was able to celebrate with a bit of a sing song.

Secondly there is something much more important. My son has passed his aptitude test for joining the Royal Air Force this week. He is just on the first rung of the ladder (the fitness/medical/interview process is still to come) but I am so happy for him. It is just a shame that I am not at home at the moment to pass on my pride first hand.

From a hobby perspective, I have had time to get a bit more sculpting done and, as a result, have more or less finished the second infantry squad for the Squat platoon. As I mentioned last week, there will still be details that I need to add when I get home (I need the heavy weapon units and a few back-packs and things from my bits box) but the sculpting part of the platoon is pretty much finished. Here is where I am at with the second squad: 

Click the pic!

This coming week will see me checking all the sculpts and tidying things up if I need to. Then I will be happy to take a platoon photo to show off.

On a separate note, karaoke is one of those things that you either love or hate. Some people will avoid it and others will seek it out. I love karaoke because it shows a wide spectrum of abilities and is really entertaining. I can safely say that there is little better than singing Sweet Caroline and having a hundred-plus people in the bar singing along with you and filling in the gaps. I think that it is a bit similar to being in a football crowd and everyone chanting together. Add a few beers into the equation and it is brilliant fun. You learn a lot about people that you would never find out otherwise.

See you from the singing pit!


Bob Kinnear said...

Amazing sculpting dude!

CJ Kilbride said...

Sweet Caroline (bum bum bum) Good times never seemed so good!

Stephen said...

Excellent work and sorry to hear he didn't make it into the armed forces, but had to go RAF ;-)