Sunday, 22 February 2015

Plenty of Squats

Is it Sunday again already? It seems to have come around so quickly this week.

Well, I’m still on the island and still working hard and this week has mostly been about sorting out my platoon duties rather than my proper day job. I am back on call and even got to play soldiers a bit on Saturday due to a bit of training... so it has been very much be a green week... with more on the way.

I have been on a bit of a downer since I went to San Carlos last weekend. There is nothing like being in a place of peace and tranquility to make you really notice the chaos of being out here, doing lots of jobs and being away from family. That has basically meant that I have been grumpy all week and hiding in my room in the evenings instead of socialising. On the one hand, it hasn’t necessarily endeared me to my work colleagues but on the other, it has meant that not only have I put a bit of extra effort into packing my ‘go-kit’ but also had plenty of time for sculpting. As a consequence of this sculpting time, I have very nearly finished the first infantry squad of Squats (just the control unit on the heavy gunner's wrist to go). Here’s a pic:

Click the pic!

You will notice that the picture is a bit bigger than usual but that is down to me trying to get to grips with my new camera. The picture shows the whole squad with the Sgt, plasma-gunner, heavy-weapon operator and seven las-gunners (one will end up as comms and another the loader for the heavy weapon – but that will have to wait until I get home so that I can get access to my bits boxes for the added components). I have also begun work on four of the next Squad so, from a sculpting perspective, it has been a good week.

I am on call for this coming week so I will be having another ‘stay at home’ week and will hopefully have plenty of sculpting time... I may even get the platoon completed... who knows?

See you from purgatory!


Stephen said...

Good going :-)

Bob Kinnear said...

Lovely sculpting dude!

Porky said...

They look good to me too. I'm happy to see you've gone with the older minis rather than kitbashed something new from ranges that aren't necessarily well-suited. I think the sculpts have actually aged fairly well, beyond maybe the size of course, but your changes help.

If you do finish and think they need any kind of bulking up, you could get some by adding a bit of extra kit, but also some small sculped pauldrons, to give them the height as well as mass.

Goblin Lee said...

Excellent sculpting,they are looking great. :)