Sunday, 1 February 2015

Stanley Tales

Welcome to Inso’s World again and this week I have actually got a few things to talk about.

First up, on Friday I was not on call-out so I was able to go to Timmy’s Bar, have a couple of drinks and sing a few tunes on the karaoke. Timmy’s Bar is our section bar that we open on Friday each week and last Friday was an open night. It was a great evening, everyone had a great time and the bar was drunk dry (apart from a few dozen cans of soft-drink) so we made a good profit on the night.

Next up, on Saturday afternoon most of our section went into Port Stanley to wander around and go for an evening meal in the Malvinas hotel followed by a bit of night life in the bars. It was a great night, the food was fantastic (I ate reindeer for the first time ever and it was to die for), the venue was lovely and airy and the company was spot-on. We went to a couple of bars after the meal and met some of the locals: 

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We eventually got back to our digs at around midnight. This morning we had a spot of breakfast at Shortie’s Diner before traveling back to camp:

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We also had the opportunity to take in the sights in glorious sunshine and when I return to the UK, I will share some photographs with you... however; here is the Cathedral (complete with Whale bone sculpture):

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 In other news, I have started sculpting arms on my Squats again and here are the two I have been working on: 

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They are both from the platoon command squad and hopefully, I will continue with this and get the whole platoon sorted while I am here... but we’ll have to see. That’s about it for now. See you from the shadow of Mount Alice!

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