Sunday, 8 February 2015

Squats on a Sunday!

Welcome to Inso’s World again. Unfortunately, this week has been another quiet one with lots of work and many trips to the Gym but very little in between.

I have had to say goodbye to one of my work mates out here as his time was up and he returned home to his family again. His replacement is in so I will be introducing him to all of the things he will need to know during his tour. It is one of those things that will happen time and again as the steady cycle of personnel replacement continues ... you just get used to someone and they move on.

The same thing happens with the platoon I have control of which means that I have to continually make sure that I know who I have got, and that they are correctly trained and equipped.

This weekend has been a lazy one but I have been doing a little bit of sculpting so it hasn’t been completely wasted. Here is the completed command squad for the Squat Platoon:

Click the Pic!

And here is a WIP shot of six standard troopers from the first squad: 

 Click the Pic!

I still have a lot to do to finish the platoon but slow and steady wins the race.

See you from the barracks!

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Bob Kinnear said...

Great sculpting dude!