Sunday, 14 December 2014

It's nearly Christmas!

Before I start this rather late blog post, I'd like to welcome Barks to Inso's World. Hi! I hope you find something amongst the pathways that inspires or challenges you.

So this week has been one of fun and frollicks!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was all about off road driving. I had a great time putting a Land Rover through its paces... on and off road, in daylight and darkness... even with the lights off! It was very entertaining and I recommend that, if you get the opportunity to have a go at it, make sure you do. It is definitely the most fun I have had behind the wheel of a car.

Wednesday morning I passed another fitness test and Thursday/Friday, I was chasing up paperwork for my deployment. Today, I've been down to Somerset (6 hour round trip) to see my family for the last time before I disappear for 4 months.

So... quite an eventful week.

The main thing that has happened is that I found out that my flight is just after Christmas so I get Christmas at home and New Year's Eve in the Falklands... so that was very welcome news.

What about the hobby? Well, I'm afraid that has all been packed away so I am not touching anything at the moment.

Hopefully, I will finish off all of my work prep for the deployment by Wednesday so I can put in some leave and enjoy a bit of family time before I go. Then I may do a little bit of painting (it's all I haven't properly packed away) but I may be too busy.

That, I am afraid, is that for this week. I'm sorry it isn't more interesting but things are just the way they are at the moment.

See you from the rumble strip!

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