Sunday, 2 November 2014

Of completed conversions and trips to London...

Hello again. Another week has passed and it is time for another update.

This week has been one of a virus for a couple of days, some very quick (for me) running, some sculpting and a trip to London.

So... Monday and Tuesday, I got a bug that knocked me for six. I had no energy for anything but still dragged myself into work. Wednesday and Thursday, I felt much better so was able to go for a couple of runs. First a 3 miler (at 8min 20sec mile pace) and then a 4 miler (at 8min 28sec mile pace); both much quicker than the usual 9 minute mile pace I have been used to. It goes to show the importance of having a running partner.

Over the week I have been trying to finish the Squat Engineseer and have got to a point where I am happy that he is complete:

Click the Pic!

He's not perfect but he is now properly equipped for the task at hand. Since his completion, I have been working on the robot but have not got to a point where there is enough done to show very much progress so I will wait until next time for that.

So... yesterday I went to London and managed to get a glimpse of the poppies at the Tower of London. Unfortunately, there was no chance to get in to see it properly due to the vast crowds of people there so it was a view through the railings for me. It didn't upset me that I couldn't see them clearly though... to be honest, I was humbled that so many people have taken the time and effort to go and see it... and bought poppies on the way. The rest of the trip to London was just plodding about in shops.

In other news, I have had notification that a parcel is waiting for me at a mail office. It is not my usual mail office and due to London, I can't pick it up until next Saturday... so I have a week to find out where it is. Part of the notification was that I owe £33.00 in charges and VAT so I can only assume that it is my mechs from Gangfight Games. This makes me very happy (even though I have to fork out additional money to pick them up).

Well... that's about it for today.

See you from through the railings!

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