Sunday, 26 October 2014

Another tick on the list of life.

Welcome to Inso's World on a rather autumnal Sunday. Before I kick things off, I'd like to welcome our newest traveller, Bob Kinnear. Welcome Bob! I hope you enjoy your time here.

WOW! What a week.

I have had a few days at home and have done a few cool things this week. First off... I travelled over water on this very beast:

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When I was a nipper, I was able to look inside a static display of a hovercraft at a theme park but this week, I travelled from Portsmouth to the Isle of White on a hovercraft. What was it like? Well... it was very much like travelling in a helicopter rather than a boat and it was great fun. It has further fuelled my desire to have one of my armies transported by a fleet of sci-fi hovercraft.

One thing in life that always humbles me is how completely wild animals react to humans. Yes, we've all been close to wild birds and animals but for them to actually interact with you is just wonderful. This week, me and my better half went to a nature/wildlife park and while we were there, some migratory geese made friends. One in particular even let me stroke it! It's a proper privilege to have a wild bird eating from your hand and choosing you for a bit of company... here's my new friend helping himself to some pellets from my hand:

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The clocks went back today so I have gained an hour... but that said, I actually slept through the whole night (8+ hours!) for the first time this week and feel up to the challenge of using the extra hour to do STUFF!

On my travels this week, I spotted this:

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I don't need it... but I bought it just to show everyone how perfect it would be for a Spacemarine bike or even a Rough Rider bike for the Imperial Guard. It only cost me £2.00 and I think it has great potential for converting for your 28mm heroic scale miniatures.

In other news, I have been informed by Gangfight Games that my Mechadrome Kickstarter pledge is on its way! I am REALLY happy about this and can't wait to get my hands on some mecha goodness... like THIS.

With so much happening, you would have thought that my hobby may have taken a back seat... but you would be wrong. I have taken the opportunity to focus my attention on my little Engineseer and have finished his body. He just needs his head and backpack sorting out and he will be finished. Here he is with his charges:

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Because the main focus has been the Engineseer, I have only managed a very small amount of work on 'Big Robot'... but at least he has arms now :).

Ebay has been lucky for me this week as I managed to win a Grymn walker for a very reasonable price (Half RRP)... so I now have a character model to add to the walker platoon (when I eventually put it all together).

Well... I think that about sums everything up for now.

See you from the line of scrimmage!

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