Sunday, 20 July 2014

Holiday round-up and the FunVee Project.

Before I start today's post, I'd like to welcome Baconfat to Inso's World. Welcome aboard and please make yourself at home, take any ideas you wish and be sure to comment on the posts.

So... today is the last day of my week's holiday. It has been a busy one with day-trips here and there, swimming, lounging, drinking, feeding the ducks, getting the car serviced/MOTd and robins fledging... and that is just the tip of the ice-berg.

It has been really... REALLY humid over the last few days and I have been exceptionally lethargic so hobby-stuff hasn't been hugely on the agenda but I have been ticking along with what I am now calling the 'FunVee Project' (create a Space Dwarf vehicle that I can cast up).

You may remember this from a post in June:

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Well, it ended up at this point before I realised that it was just too flimsy to even consider casting it:

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I also decided that it would be awkward to cast as a result of it being fully assembled and some of the shapes... so a rethink happened and I ordered a lot of (thicker) plasticard from Antenociti's Workshop. Once everything arrived, I set to building a slightly different shaped vehicle in modular form. This is the point I am at now:

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As you can see, I have started to put a small amount of detail on but I am planning to keep things fairly detail free so that I can change options without having to build new modules. The idea behind the original vehicle was to build a larger 'Humvee' type vehicle that was armoured and quick. It needed to be able to carry a squad of 8-10 Space Dwarfs and be useable as a counts-as Rhino vehicle (like the ones Games Workshop make). In order for that to happen it needed rear, side and top access and the option to add a storm-bolter/HK missile on the top. I didn't want a Rhino clone (hence going for four wheels). Because I am making it modular, it gives me the option to experiment a bit... so I can add extra wheels on the side or swap them all out (at a much later date) and add track units if I want to. Here is a rough idea of two of the options:

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Obviously, things are at a very WIP state at the moment but the plan is to make modular components to be able to have a four wheeled Rhino/Razorback/Predator (APC/IFV/light tank), and a six wheeled truck/transporter with a possible later addition of tracks (either standard ones or smaller track unit that replace each wheel individually... giving the option of a halftrack). The various details will be separate so you just glue them on where you fancy... or leave them off if you want to.

So... there we go. I still have a long way to go yet but from little acorns; great oak trees grow.

See you from the bitter end!


Nobody667 said...

Very cool idea. I like the idea of 4x or 6x wheels as an option. You can make a lot of variants from the basics you are setting up.

One small suggestion is a modular top (or on the top as it currently exists) for a generic hatch. This can be where other parts attach, etc. That way it is already defined on the 'base' model, and you still have good consistency between modified and basic vehicles.

I am curious to see some built and painted!

Inso said...

The top part will have hatches etc separate that will add to it. That way, I can have hatches or space for a turret. I also plan on alternative top parts for different roles... I want an armoured equivalent of a truck.

This is fairly fluid at the moment... it is a bit 'let's see how it goes'. If I get too 'fixed' on a design, I'll loose enthusiasm for it so I am very much going with the flow.