Sunday, 27 July 2014

End of an Era.

Before I start today's post proper, I'd like to welcome Hybrid Alpha to Inso's World. Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy wandering around and sharing ideas.

Well, I'm afraid that my hobby mojo has deserted me again. I'm hoping that it is just the weather because I have so many things I want to get done but recently I have just ot had the enthusiasm or drive to do them. I have achieved nothing this week (where the hobby is concerned). All I have managed to do is sort out a few components into poly bags for a Squat squad and shorten a few classic lasguns. 

So what else has happened? 

Last Thursday was our unit's families day. A time when the families of the service men and women can visit, watch some displays, see some static aircraft, have a wander round some stalls and see a band later in the evening. It was pretty good; the Chinook flying display was particularly awesome (as usual) and the band was a not-Beatles band... and they were pretty cool too. Here are a few pix:

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This last pic is of a Puma HC Mk2 helicopter. It is what I have been helping to roll into service over the last couple of years:

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It is an uprated and updated Puma with better engines, better electronics and much better capabilities. When I first left training, the first cab I ever worked on was a Puma HC Mk1 and to be able to be a part of introducing the latest update is humbling. She's a beauty :).

In other news... Didcott now has a few less chimneys at the power station:

Click the Pic (Before)!

Click the Pic (After)!

I stayed up all night last night, just to see the chimneys fall. At around 05:00hrs this morning, the three towers were destroyed by a not insugnificant explosion. I was a long way away (these are NOT my pictures, I was directed to these on Facebook) and only saw a tiny spectacle... but a few seconds later, I heard the bang that went with it. As a result, I am tired but am very glad that I saw the end of an era. 

And what does it prove?

Times change.

See you from the back of the HMS Pinafore!


Lord Siwoc said...

I have not done much on the hobby either mate. Too damn hot to do it!

Inso said...

It always happens for me in the summer. As the temperature rises, my mojo goes on holiday!

I'll sort it out soon... I have a bunch of pugs on the table that need to be converted and painted :)...