Sunday, 6 April 2014

Squats... Tau... Vulkans and Bikes.

It's Sunday again and the follower count is slowly approaching 200 with the arrival of Steve63 and Ironworker in Inso's World. Welcome aboard and I hope you find something of interest as you stroll along the twisting paths here.

So... this week saw a 'how to' on Tuesday. That has since moved on and the subject of the how to has been base-coated and washed but not finished. In the meantime, I have been converting Squat number 3... here he is:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, he is the first of the 'bent leg' troopers and I have decided to use the IG helmet as well. He was given a chin-beard and not a full beard just for a bit of variety. The las-carbine is a trimmed down Catachan weapon and will likely be the standard weapon for the troopers. I think that it is a perfect size and it was very simple to convert... so is easily repeatable. One thing I noticed about the donor body was that it was less detailed around the shoulders so needed a bit of extra work. I also had to chop off the bent leg at the groin and shorten it slightly so that the knee joint looked right. Not too much of a problem but additional work.

The next one will be the other 'bent leg' pose and will also have a helmet on... so watch this space for that.

In other hobby news:
  • I have bagged another three Vulkans. Why? I have no idea (I truly think I have an addiction!) but they are currently submerged in dettol. 
  • My Mantic Kickstarter 'first wave' was completed. The missing bonus booster was sent after I wrote an email... so I now have all of my Rebs and will be waiting patiently for wave two to be produced (Forgefathers).
  • My Dom's Decals haven't arrived yet (but I have another two weeks before I need to worry).
  • I have a shiney new box of Tau firewarriors. Why? Hmmm... let me think about that... Allies?
In other, other news...

I have passed on my motorcycle to a new owner who will give it the TLC and maintenance that it needs to get back on the road. It wll be getting a new rider... a newly qualified, lady biker who will, I am sure, love riding my reliable little steed... sorry... HER reliable little steed. I am just glad my lovely little bike has gone to a great home:

Click the Pic!

I will miss her... but it is for the best.

Parting with my bike was the reason I bought some Tau... comfort shopping.

I have also baked a cake today (three layers of a sponge cake) that I will be finishing off later so that I can take it into work (I should have sorted a cake out ages ago but I haven't... so I have made the extra effort and made one myself).

I've just watched the Amazing Spiderman film with Lizard in. It was good. Much better than previous Spiderman films... now I can look forward to the next one. It should be fun.

Well... that is it apart from...

Back this KICKSTARTER!... I want some mechs.

See you from the bus lane!

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