Sunday, 13 April 2014

Decals and varnish... amongst other distractions.

Hello again, it's Sunday and that means another blog update.

But before I start, I'd like to welcome Shaun McTague as the newest follower of Inso's World. Welcome aboard and I hope you find something to inspire you... and feel free to comment on things.

In a week of ups and downs, I have manged to continue with my current project and throw a few distractions into the mix as well. Hmmm what first? I guess I should start with the latest IG to Squat conversion...

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As you can see, he is armed with a las-carbine like the last one but apart from that, he's just a bit more of the same. Unfortunately, I haven't painted number three or four yet... but I did manage to find a random distraction in the form of this:

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The mech on the left is going to be a dreadnought for this little Squat force and the guy on the right is a Squat made from Tau and Catachan parts. The rifle is a pulse carbine without the grenade launcher. He's a little bit taller than the otherSquats I have been making but not so tall he doesn't fit.

This week, my decals arrived from Dom's Decals and they were screaming at me to be adhered to my Powered Armoured Grymn... so that's what I spent four hours of today doing! Yes... 4 hours! 84 tiny little decals are now attached to my Powered Armour platoon and have been varnished over. I haven't taken any pix yet because the troops are still gloss but once I have matt varnished them all, I will show them off. I am glad that the little task is done... I don't have a lot of patience for decals.

...and finally...

Do you remember these?:

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Well, they are now available to buy as a part of a pack of Leets from HERE. It is always nice when your own work gets put into a shop.

That's it for now.

See you from the end of the space-time shift!

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