Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hellboy on the box... and an almost but not quite...

It's Sunday again and I was hoping to show off a fully painted (but not marked) powered armour platoon. However, fate took a hand in stealing away some of my painting time as I was called in to help a damsel in distress... and spent a good couple of hours assembling a children's kitchen playset for a neighbour. Mind you, it was quite entertaining so I wasn't too bothered. I have managed to get this far with my platoon... just three more troops to go before I can start giving them rank and squad markings::

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The three at the front are now ready for the wash stage and then it will be a case of final highlights and basing. Once they are marked up, the real problem starts... that of finding suitable transport for them. I have a Quinjet that I hoped to convert for them to ride in but I am not so convinced now... but I guess we'll see nearer the time.

In other Grymn related news, I have been searching for four scout vehicles to go with a sniper unit (four fire-teams with four troops in each) and have looked at what is available and nothing really suits what I want so I bought some wheels so that I can build my own. My record for scratch-building vehicles is very poor but you never know... maybe this time I will be lucky.

You may remember me mentioning a parcel that I recently received from Pewter Ponies... well, here is a tiny teaser pic of what I got in the box:

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I have no idea what I am going to do with them... I only supported the miniatures to help with funding as they are really quite cute and worth a chance. Only time can say what will happen to them.

So a good few months ago, I sculpted a goblin for Goblin Aid and have sat back and waited for some paint jobs to be completed on it. Well, I found one and it is great:

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It was painted by Orlando the Great over at Frothers Unite and I think it shows my sculpt off really well and I am very pleased to see what has been achieved. Hopefully, there will be many more versions of it.

Well, that about sums things up for today. I need to get some Devlan Mud slapped on a few Grymn.

See you from the brink of war!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work with the goblin judge Inso.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the ponies.