Sunday, 2 March 2014

Another Sunday.

Before I start today's post, I'd like to welcome The Lord of Excess, head head and Wyvern Wrangler to Inso's World. I hope you all enjoy your stay and find something of interest amongst the various corridors and pathways.

This week has been another slow one in the hobby camp but busy in 'real life'. Amongst all the usual working routine, I have had my annual ground training (first aid, security, fire safety, shooting and respirator training) and my fitness test to keep me busy. It is all done now so I can focus on better things now.

Hobby wise, I finished of another of the fire teams for the powered armoured units and have started another one... but they look just the same as the rest so I haven't taken a pic. I'll get a pic when the squad is finished. I haven't had the eye for sculpting but I have been busy on the E-Bay front and have bought another couple of Votoms mechs (Fatty and Berserga) so I am now confident that I have all of the variants I require for my Votoms project (once the kits arrive, of course). I also bagged a very cheap, assembled mecha... which I have now stripped down ready for converting... and it is a Da-Web mech from Megaro-Zamac. I am sure that it will crop up at some point.

In other news, I went to the Overlord event in Abingdon today and it was exactly as I'd expect. The event filled two large halls and there were plenty of sellers and games to keep my attention for a few hours... well done to the Abingdon Wargamers... it was a very well run event and I met some very nice people. I took a few pounds to spend and have bought a few bits and bobs (I'll share in a future post)... but what I'd really like to reflect on is how the internet paints a picture that real life doesn't match...

Warzone Resurrection is a radically new version of the old Warzone game and uses computer design and 3D printing to produce some excellent miniatures. I have seen many of the renders on line and have also purchased some of them (three Vulkans) but today, I learned a valuable truth...

... The internet lies!

What!? I hear you cry. Yes, you heard me; the internet lies.

The one thing the internet can't provide is a true reflection of the 'presence' of things. You can get an idea of the size and measurements of a miniature... or even comparisons with other miniature types but in order to really get an idea of how the miniature looks and feels... you need to see it in the flesh. This was highlighted to me today when I visited the Warzone Resurrection stand at Overlord. In their display cabinet, they had a rather imposing, resin mech called an Eradicator. I have seen it on line before but wrote it off for being 'gangly' and ungainly. Well, I got the opportunity to pick one up and get the feel of it, turn it over in my hands and generally decide how it really looked... and it was much more imposing than the website could possibly show. Fortunately, it wasn't for sale at the event (or I would have been in trouble) but it has certainly been elevated to something I want to buy. I also think that it could possibly double as a Knight titan with the addition of a proper head... but hey... what do I know? The only problem I have now is finding the money to buy one!

That is about it for today.

See you from the race track!

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