Sunday, 16 February 2014

Will the rain ever stop?!

It has been a week of further heavy rain, gale force winds and flooding all over the country. As a result of the atrocious weather and flooding, my fellow servicemen have been called forward to help with flood defences and rescue operations and as part of the effort, I have been busy in the background with my team; helping with the modification process to enable the Puma Mk2 helicopter to carry underslung loads (namely, sandbags). As a result, the helicopter is now cleared to fit a 'load-pole' which can carry loads underneath the helicopter... and all done in just two days! Now that the gales have lessened, the helicopters should be 'humping and dumping' from now on.

As you can guess... it has been quite a week at work.

From a hobby perspective, I have been plodding along with my powered armour and have finally sorted out the first three sections. They have now got a heavy trooper in each section and the place holder miniatures have been removed to join their own sections:

Click the Pix!

The painting programme will now switch to 3 miniatures at a time so that I can space out the painting of all those angles. 

Obviously, this week has not been a sculpting week but I should hopefully manage to get some sculpting done to my commissions in this coming week. 

That is all I have today.

See you from the edge of the dam!


Simon Quinton said...

Sterling week the armed forces have been doing as well. Take my hat off to you all!

The powered armour troops are coming along nicely and the ranks are filling up.

Inso said...

Thanks... unfortunately, the troops were not used as early as they could have been... it may have helped with sand bag walls... but there you go. I'm just glad that our helicopters were able to be used for humping and dumping troops/equipment... it is good to be part of it :)

The troopers are getting there... hopefully, I'll keep my sanity until they are finished...LINES, ANGLES, LINES... :D