Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Grymn march continues.

Well... that was a week.

I have been working hard, I went to a mess function on Wednesday, suffered on Thursday, fell in the shower on Thursday, suffered on Friday, didn't sleep at all on Friday night, had an extremely productive Saturday (considering I was so tired) and today, I woke up late and have been struggling to stay awake!

So... what have I managed to do? Well, to start with, I spent a very frustrating hour or so on Saturday afternoon putting decals on my Tigers. They are now all finished but I have no pix because there is gloss varnish on them at the moment and that doesn't photograph well. When the gales have passed and I am able to spray them matt in the garden, I'll show them off.

Sculpting wise, I have started the next commission sculpt. It is an unusual beast and is really quite large. All I have done so far is make a basic body shape from a mix of milliput and green stuff and I've also sculpted a basic face (which will be mostly covered by a hood:

Click the Pic!

He is about 42mm tall but will be around 50mm once I have finished (not including his long staff). I have a very long way to go on him but I am happy with the general shape at the moment.

In other news... MY SPOONS ARRIVED! Yay! I contacted the seller and they resent my spoons so I have 20 double ended medicine spoons to mess about with now. That means that I was able to start my little 'spoon related' project and I am quite pleased with it so far. It's a secret at the moment as I am debating whether I will turn it into a greater project or stick with just the one. Once it is finished, I will be able to decide but at the moment, it is progressing nicely.

The progress on my Grymn is still pretty good. After finishing the five Tigers, I continued with the NMA Urban Powered Armour and have finished another four... so where there were eight, now there are twelve:

Click the Pic!

I have started on the next four which will comprice of 3 wearing the heavy back-packs and one with a pulse carbine/power sword combination. Once they are finished, the 3 units above will replace one of their number with a heavy back-pack trooper and that will make them complete. So... twelve down, sixteen to go!

Hopefully, I can keep the momentum up... we will just have to see.

See you from the gates of the harbour!


Mr Teufel said...

Very cool! Look forward to seeing your sculpt! (*googles "double ended medicine spoons"*) Huh. Grav bikes? Ornithopter? Intriguing!

Inso said...

I'm sorry... nothing that interesting...

...or IS it?