Sunday, 17 November 2013

Arty types.

On the outside, I don't really look like the arty-type. I dress pretty plainly I speak in a fairly pragmatic way and I have a pretty stable and professional job.

However, this can be a bit of a double edged sword.

I am sort of an arty-ninja. An arty-type in disguise. Under the pretty average surface I have a number of artistic strings to my bow and this can often catch my friends and colleagues out.

For example, I have a Twitter account where I have an alternative personality. This personality is a Velociraptor who fell asleep on the beach 74,000,000 years ago and woke up in the modern world. Obviously things are strange to him and he makes a Velociraptor judgement on certain modern topics. There are times where he looks back on his younger days of chasing prey across the plains and maybe relates it to the possible modern equivalent prey.

Occasionally, the Velociraptor visits my Facebook profile and this is where some of the confusion happens. If someone starts a message with my name or doesn't specify, they will generally get an answer from me. If they start with any mention of dinosaurs, they will get the velociraptor answering. I view this as 'performance art' and try to entertain and inform whilst generally having a bit of fun.

Not everyone sees it like that. I am a 40+ year old, professional serviceman with 25 years service and I should possibly know better than to behave in such a childish manner. Well... tell that to people like Terry Pratchett, Jacqueline Wilson, Phillip Pulman and various other authors.

Sometimes it is liberating to let your inner child out for a bit of fresh air... you should all give it a go.

So... what the heck have I been up to this week? Mostly not a lot apart from work and being too tired for anything other than surfing the web. However, I have found the time to continue with my Diorama of Doom and here is where I am at:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, I have added a new base and a boat. I was always going to have the head submerged in a swamp but was originally going to have the Grymn standing on it. Then I thought about how she would have got there so I changed my mind and made a little boat. It is all obviously WIP but you can see where it is going and the title of the piece will now be "I'm going to need a bigger boat" (spot the popular reference!).

Since the pic was taken I have been working on the boat and the head so they are both getting there. Once I have finished them, they will be fixed to the base and I'll work on the water (plus maybe a reed or two). Still, all progress is good progress.

EDIT - I have begun to texture the intact  side of the head now:

Click the Pic!

See you from the boat yard!


Pat G said...

Adult - yes, grownup - never.
Childish - no, child-like forever.

Inso said...


Zzzzzz said...

Well, I was in the boat yard earlier in the week and "we" (this project's 'we') did the whole personality type thing.

I scored at the extreme corner of "people and future", as opposed to almost everyone else scoring in the opposite "things and present" focus.

I hope they forget soon, 'cause I feel like everyone's lookin' at me funny.