Sunday, 10 November 2013

Another Sunday.

Today is Remembrance Sunday. My family and I  went over to the local village, as we always do (assuming I am in the country) and joined hundreds of others in remembering the fallen.

The parade was well executed, the service was as it should be and the fly past was well timed.

The list of names was read out; the names of those from the village who went away to fight for their country but failed to return.

It is a time of reflection.

This week I have been quite distracted. A lack of sleep didn't help either. As a result, I have only managed to throw a first untidy base coat on five Teratons. I also managed to sell the Halo Hornet so have added a few pennies to the Pay-Pal pot.

Over the next few months I will be selling off a lot of hobby stuff. As you know, I have been struggling with the hobby for a while now and have been looking for an excuse to 'shake things up'. Well, I have found it and I need to gather funds to achieve a very personal goal. I won't say anything about what it is but needless to say, I now have a mission so am looking through all of my stored items to find sellable stuff.

I have also decided that as a result of my new found mission, I will be getting my motorcycle sorted for sale. That will mean a little less hobby time and a little more mechanic time.

In order to raise the amount of money I need, I will also have to sculpt a bit and see if I can't sell a few of my creations.

So it will be an empowering time. It will get rid of my guilt over my motorcycle, get rid of some projects that will never be finished and also clear some space which will in-turn, remove the clutter. Not to mention the extremely large amount of positive Karma I will gain from my mission. It is win-win.

See you from the next level!


Mr Teufel said...

Let me guess. You're buying a life-size velociraptor?

Inso said...

Why on earth would I do that? I can just look in the mirror :).