Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thursday for a change...

Before the post is started, I'd like to welcome Ray Hepburn to Inso's World. As is usual, I hope that you share comments and take away some inspiration from my blog.

So why update on a Thursday?

Why not?

So I was sat at the PC the other day and saw a kit that would finish my collection of Megaro Zamac kits. I got all excited and threw a bid on it at a value I would expect to win at. I smiled for a moment and then thought... "hang on a minute" before checking my cupboard. I looked inside to see the complete set... I had already bought the kit! So... almost £20.00 later, this arrived:

Click the Pic!

As it happens, it is in better nick than the one I already had so it isn't all bad... not to mention that I like the kit... so hey... maybe I'll build it rather than save it for my retirement. 

Does anyone like Halo? I've got one of these:

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It was a random purchase and now that I have it... I don't really want it so it will no doubt get offered up on the forums somewhere.

On an actual hobby related topic, I have base coated and washed my Tunnel Fighter ambulance:

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It still needs highlighting and detailing but it is getting there now. On a side note, I won't be putting on the number plate digits/letters because I have got some decals that I will be using to replace all of the badly hand-painted ones I have done on the rest of the vehicles... so when I get them all together to sort the mess out, this vehicle will get number plates as well.

This week, I have been doing a 'manual handling - train the trainer' course and I have to complete a presentation for tomorrow... so I have some homework to do tonight... nice. As a result, I have been running around the house pretending to be a Velociraptor, which my daughter found hysterically funny. Charmmy, however, was less impressed:

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Well, that is about that.

See you from the study room!


Da Masta Cheef said...

"Does anyone like Halo" he says...

Zzzzzz said...

Ha, you might be a bit far away, Masta Chef.

Mr Inso, I will take the HALOPLANE off your hands. I shall try to work out how to work out how to use the contact thingy.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Indeed, the shipping would be more than the original cost. Still, I had no choice but to post

Simon Q said...

Very cool kit and even cuter kitty!

Mr Teufel said...

I think the tripod walker would give brandlin an aneurysm! :D

Inso said...

Are you suggesting that it is even more impractical than a standard walker? Surely not :D!