Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend... of progress.

First of all, welcome Craig! I hope you enjoy your travels through Inso's World. Feel free to share ideas and comments but be sure not to wander from the path... you never know what may be coming next!

It is a bank holiday weekend so I have Monday off as well as the usual two days. That means that I have been busy tinkering and have, along with progress made this week, managed to finish a few things.

First up, I managed to finish the last Clanker unit for my Tunnel Fighter army:

Click the Pic!

I don't know why I suddenly decided to finish these but it is a good thing and has led me to think about the last two vehicles. This also led me to dig out the Marauder I had planned to use as an ambulance and convert it... so here is the converted ambulance/field operation vehicle for my Tunnel Fighter army:

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It isn't a massive conversion but it serves the purpose and is likely to improve a little in the painting process.

While I have been tinkering, I have also kept my Reptiliad project in mind and have painted up a Mhurni soldier. He will be the dis-mounted leader who will accompany the trader and another couple of mounted knights. Here he is:

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He is quite plain but looks utilitarian enough to be a soldier. I think that a Dwarf will be next on the Reptiliad list but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In other news... 

My daughter went to collect her GCSE results this week and was very pleased with them. Not only did she pass every one but she did better than she had hoped so we were all very proud. 

On a different 'daughter related' topic... I dyed her hair again. It was in a bid to bleach out the blue/purple that was already in there and now she has a sort of 'minty' look to her... It won't be like that for long as she plans to go blue again very soon.

Well... this week I will be busy with work. I have a course to attend that will require evening work and a presentation so I expect my hobby time to take a hit. That just makes it even more important for me to get some painting done tomorrow!

So to sing us out...

See you from the booth!

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