Thursday, 18 April 2013

The list.

So... I have been looking around and having some fun and here are some interesting things that will hit Salute this year...

Hasslefree Miniatures will have multiple new releases including the Grymn powered armour and a bunch of other stuff that you will find HERE.

Heresy Miniatures will also have some new stuff on offer that may include Sharclons, sci-fi troopers, gangers and a new barbarian.

Antenociti's Workshop has lots of new stuff but the pick of the bunch is THIS and THIS.

World of Twilight has a host of new releases that can be found HERE.

Fenris Games have some interesting stuff (especially laser cut scenery) and is also the Goblin Aid central hub.

Ground Zero Games has some new mecha that looks quite interesting. It can be seen HERE.

Pulp City have a threesome of new releases that can be found HERE.

Studio McVey have some new releases too. My favourite can be found HERE.

There is also a mystery manufacturer that has some of THIS and THIS but unfortunately it won't be at Salute.

I am sure that I have missed some... but I can't think what.

Well... that is all I have until Salute is over and I return home on Saturday night. To leave you with something that I managed to finish today, here is a picture of Grekwood:

Click the Pic!

Unfortunately, the varnish was a bit patchy so I have to wait a while to apply a second coat and hope that it sorts out the glossy bits.

I hope to see you on the day. As I have mentioned, I will be on the Hasslefree Miniatures stand (walk through the doors, turn left and keep walking until you bump into the stand - it's TA03) and look forward to lots of visitors (especially two people who have some items to collect).

I am very excited.

See you from the front of the queue!

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