Thursday, 18 April 2013

Preparation for Salute.

Today is 'prepare for Salute' day.

I will be picking up my Hasslefree Salute pack from the post depot very soon so that I will be ready to start work helping to set up the stand tomorrow.

I will be travelling over to London tomorrow and staying overnight so that I am there nice and early to start the day's trading. I have worked the Hasslefree stand a number of times but this will be the first time that Kev and Sally haven't been there so we the team has a big responsibility to get things right.

Another thing I will be doing today is to make up my list for the show... the things I want to  buy and the things I want to look at. Normally, the only thing I look at are the various stands because I don't have time to browse the games and boards... but this year, I will be in the building really early so I should be able to have a quick look around before the chaos starts.

Facebook has been full of interesting new releases from the various companies I keep an eye on so I will post up a bunch of links to go with my list a bit later on.

I need to sort out my bag for tomorrow, sanitise my wallet (take out all the bits and bobs that I don't need), make an 'INSO' badge so that people know who I am and, hopefully, come and say hello and I also need to get my train tickets (that is going to be an OUCH moment). I also need to make sure that I find a route to Excel that avoids all of the engineering works... yes... on London Marathon registration and race weekend, the rail network has planned in disruption again this year.

So... lots to do today...

... AND I have painting and sculpting to do (yea... fat chance of that!).

Watch the blog later for another update... there are lots of goodies that you may be interested in.

See you from the mail room!


Clint said...

Hi Inso I shall look for you at the Hasslefree stand just to say hallo.

Inso said...

I'll have 'Steve' on my shirt :)