Sunday, 31 March 2013

It's still green.

Now that my camera battery has charged up I can show the final, final pic of the Goblin sculpt:

He now has a shiny new basing tab and the tiny holes in his groin and under his nose have been filled in. He just needs to dry before I send him off for casting. I will need to get the address first though!

Seeing as I have been sculpting the Goblin, I have been ending up with small amounts of putty leftover so I have been putting it to good use on my Thor commission:

Click the Pic!

I am just fleshing him out at the moment but he is progressing in the direction I want him to... so all is good. In other sculpting news, I have been adding to the Daemon Prince and will soon have some progress to show off. At the moment the face is being worked on and he currently looks like some sort of a fat-lipped fish so I don't want to post pix because people will get the wrong idea of what I want to achieve.

So... sculpting has taken over things at the moment but I have still been able to get a small amount of painting done. It seems that the new powered armour Grymn have stimulated an urban painting drive and I have dug some of the urban platoon out of the cupboard for some work. At the moment, I am getting the first base coat on the platoon so it really isn't that interesting to see... but it is a huge boost to the army painting drive because I actually get to see them as a painted unit (even if there is still a long way to go).

AND finally... I have bought a drop-ship toy to chop up and convert. It is one of these:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, it is an action figure toy and is the Quinjet from the Avengers movie. It should be a fun project but I will have to wait until it arrives to properly assess what I want to do with it. There are two options... I can use it as transport for the Powered Armour platoon or I can convert it to use as a  transport option for a mechanised platoon (including vehicles). Until I know dimensions, I can't make any decisions so I wait with baited breath.

Well... that appears to be it for today. I hope you all had a nice Easter and celebrated (or not) how you chose to; whether that meant chocolate eggs or a visit to church.

See you from the room of opportunities!

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