Sunday, 10 February 2013

It has been epic.

This week has been 'interesting' to say the least.

I have culled someone on Facebook for being insensitive about the Pog.

I have joined a couple of Facebook groups which are about the up-coming Warzone redux and also a general miniatures one.

I have finished painting Meg and the Purple Pugs:

Click the Pic!

I have got the ball rolling for this year's Unofficial Diorama of Doom (UNDoD 2013) - LINK

I have got the ball rolling for a Frothers Unite sculpting competition - LINK (It is Frothers so the language/tone is crude and blasphemous... you have been warned).

I have been sculpting a... CREATURE (no WIP pix for this one... you'll see it when it is finished).

I have been working on the Macross mech from the last post (tidying up the cockpit).

I have dug another random miniature from the cupboard and have painted it (just waiting for the base to dry before I finish painting the base and post some pix). I also have a second one which is waiting to be painted (I had to do a bit of emergency filling on it).

I have dug out a GZG mech from the cupboard and have re-based it ready for priming (it fell off the base because it wasn't pinned). Unfortunately, the weather outside is frightful... so priming is postponed until it improves.

Luckily, I took a day's leave on Friday because I drove my son to college because 'my alarm didn't go off'... which it did because I heard it. The 'Snooze button' will be the death of the world one day...

I won an auction on E-Bay for the last model in the set of these:

Click the Pic!

It was Run-Valam and it means that I have all of them in boxes; safe for a rainy day (once the kit arrives).

I think that about covers it... 

Saturday, we will be picking up Charmmy from my sister's so that will be fun.

I will be posting a few pix later so watch this space :)

See you from limbo!


Lord Siwoc said...

As mentioned elsewhere...I really love the pugsquad! Nice use of colours and the minor conversion job really is great!

Inso said...

Cheers :)

Spifferson said...

Hey thanks for the info on the Warzone groups, it was the first wargame that I ever truly played and I'm excited about a possible reboot.

However It was there fantasy game Chronopia that I was really into, although I never played a game.
I really liked the background and I've collected a large amount of dwarfs that I was planning on using for a WHFB army. Not being a fan of the warhammer system, I'm now tempted to assemble and paint them much like your army projects.

Craig said...


I arrived here thru looking fo info on Zamac. I have three and wonder if you started or completed any of the models. I actually had the web and the drum years (lots of years ) ago.

Now I have unbuilt the Da-web, Ma-drum and Jha-Giga. Do you know of any place where any one has posted photo's of completed models?

I remember the Da-Web was actually pretty cool and I could modify the legs and arms now so that it wouldn't look so ridged.

The one that I would like to build first is the Jha-Giga.... any thoughts on color other than purple and modifications.