Sunday, 10 February 2013

From the depths.

As I mentioned earlier today, I have dug a miniature from the depths of my cupboard and painted it up. Here is another Dhurn for your viewing intrigue:

Click the Pic!

I now only have one more to finish and he is on the table at the moment. These are from Silent Spectre Studios - LINK and they are quite characterful and quirky. There are other types of miniature on the linked site that are also worth a look.

In other news...

Not only have I encouraged my wife to get purple hair (which she now has) but I have been dying my daughter's hair again and it is now a range of colours from white, through yellow to peach. I think I've missed my calling somewhere along the line.

I went driving this evening to pick a mate up from the railway station and there is a lot of water out there on the roads. It was highly entertaining 'bombing' through the floods in the car... ahhh... the British weather.

See you from the boats... the boats, man!

1 comment:

Stephen said...

Hope that's not a 'space marine' or Dez will be gunning for you!

I'll get my coat...